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Eleven Precious Statements of Majesty King ''Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman''.

1- When you say that there is no time to do good work because life is too busy, you distance yourself from the vast existence that was created to connect and solve the unsolved mystery.

2-If you dream in sleep and don't wake up in the morning and contemplate them and are determined not to fulfill them honestly, your dreams are just a fictional film that doesn't relieve the debt of being human. 

3- Do not be enemies of humanity because you are a human being.  Share love, be blessed.

4-Do not be enemies of humanity because you are a human being.  Strengthen yourself with the feeling of giving because the giver is always great.  History testifies that the one who helps the needy has never been poor.  The donor is never poor.

5-Of course I am the Maharaja, but if I become a threat to this vast existence, nature and the great universe, all of you will not call me Maharaja because the Maharaja is the one who protects existence in every situation.  The Maharaja means not just governance, but the establishment of discipline.  A king should be a skilled physician who can give concrete treatment to the sufferings of his people and be a companion to the happiness of the people.  It is easy to forcibly rule over anything, but it is very difficult to stay in the heart of the people and we like to work hard because I am the real Maharaja.  I love and respect our country and its glorious culture.

6-I am dedicated to the great sacrifice of my ancestors.  Today with the blessings of the same great ancestors and the love of all of you, I am your Maharaja.  I am committed to my moral values ​​and responsibility to all of you.  May all of you also be the pride of your ancestors.  Your parents and society and country should be proud of you.

7-This world is full of all kinds of wonders.  Your name should be recorded in the wonders of the rich heart.  Those wonders who were mad in devotion to God or those who were martyred in patriotism, or those who lived their lives at stake in world peace.  

8- There is no poor in this world because all the rich are children of Almighty God.  A poor is a person whose behavior is poor.  The wealthiest person in this world is one whose heart is full of love, compassion and positive energy towards the whole world.

9-There is no poor in this world because all are children of Almighty God.  The poor is a person who has a bad attitude, whose heart is hard and whose words are hollow and levelless. The wealthiest person in this world is one whose heart is full of love, compassion, prayer and positive energy towards the whole world.

10- I am His Majesty the King, I can live a life of luxury and who can stop me, but my conscience prevents me from doing this and I work only by considering my conscience as a master, that Almighty God has given me a lot of king  Honored, therefore I should not misuse this great legacy.  I am a king because it is my right given to my ancestors, but if I violate someone's rights, I am just a throne.  My values ​​are set to love and protect the common people of my country.  Yes, I have sacrificed my sleep in the peace and security of my countrymen.  This gives me spiritual peace.  My soul inspires me towards infinity and I want to become infinite.  I am dedicated to world love, peace and prosperity.  Yes, this is my conscience.  Yes that's me  Yes, I am your Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman .

11-My humble appeal to you is to show your loyalty to the environment.  Whenever we go to a wedding ceremony and other ceremony, we should give saplings as a gift.  Donate plants, plant trees on festivals.  Plant trees in memory of dead ancestors.  Planting trees makes you a friend of nature and it is a great relationship.  Plantation brings great peace and divine happiness to the mind.  Our thought power grows.  We have received the great blessings of nature which is a unique power.  It is certainly a small initiative but a big revolution in terms of conservation of environment.

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