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Friends always live for themselves what they think is just selfishness latter in itself and you would probably not choose this life.
Some people stood on the big stage Smajhit, national, love and mercy great - great things have been seen on the bus and train travel are the same ones that are awake and your fellow travelers to visit her standing in the tour seeing, they do not mind a little bit Pasijta are eroding and that the passengers. If we show ourselves to the world is very great on how narrow minded. It is important to change this mindset. It is that which Vidmna be focused thirsty hungry stone sculptor creates statue Tras. Devotion to his art and sculpture are seen on both he and his family live in poverty do not get him his whole work. Or buy a sculpture shows great bargains. To run your bread sculptor finally give the statue look at less than the cost price! He negotiated the person who took the statue and said that she had put the statue in the temple ground is excavated out what days - the day he puts earned millions. This meant that the true passion and devotion that made the statue in the sinking of the poor getting poorer. Those who bought the statue Vikvikaikpik With dining and night counting the offerings in the temple and worshiped as being Guru morning was the same thing that struck him was the knowledge of the peanut pods always could not ever achieve. Today, the need for change and true personality then they need to come into the political mainstream discrimination, prejudices and superstitions as the country will be free. Let's move to increase the right move.

Akanksha Saxena
District - Auraiya
Uttar Pradesh

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