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समाज और हम ब्लॉग लोगो/ रोशनी प्रोडक्शन फिल्म : ज्योति


This film is based on girls.
Please Respect All girl
In the lead role, a very beautiful and talented actor Roshani Tak.

Especial support by
Akanksha Saxena Blogger
Samaj aur hum.

Please visit this link..
ROWDY RROSHNI PRODUCTION n Shubh universal entertainment

 JYOTI A light of hope
Our most awaited film's trailor is out now.

In association with     
Sayyam women n children welfare society

 It's Based on girl's education n skill India project.

Produced by Rroshni Tak & Shubhraj

Directed/ Cinematography/ edited by Shubhraj

Story - Rroshni Tak
Screen play- Prem Baniya

Songs by Dilip sodha

Promotion partner Swarveena foundation
( Jitubhai Soni )

Media partner 4 pm & weekend times

Especial support by
Akanksha Saxena Blogger
Samaj aur hum

Special thanks to
Gopal Sharma
Dilip Dalvi
Sanjeev Chaudhary

Pls give your love and support as always.

Team Jyoti

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