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we are human first - Blogger Akanksha SAXENA

we are human first


[We humans have no choice but to love and cooperate for world peace.  Love, peace and cooperation is the infinite power.] 

We are of any religion but we are human first.We all stand in the cruel line of time.  We humans are not so rich and capable enough to withstand the terrible hands of time and the terrible anger of nature. We humans do not think of going there.  While there are no immortals on earth.  We should not become the enemy of existence.  So why are we not afraid of the existence that we do not know, that informative existence? So would we like to go upstairs fighting amongst ourselves?  A world about which we have no news.  We should question ourselves.  We can fight the same division or share our goodwill and enjoy the happy journey of life.  We have to question ourselves whether these hatreds will ever let us fall into the category of humans?  If existence asks the question, what will we answer?  Today, an epidemic called Corona warns that if human civilization did not give up its arbitrariness, then the day is not far when the advanced civilization of man will be seen fluttering with yearning and we will get nothing but remorse.  Probably something similar would have happened on Mars, whose alien ancestors we are looking for today.  We should abandon our hatreds.  To protect the earth, we have to come out from all the different worlds we have created with love and goodwill in the whole world.  For the restoration of love and peace, for the golden future of our generations to come, yes we should throw off the burden of self-inflicted hatred.  We have to come together on one platform for world progress.  Because we humans have no choice left now.  Anyway, a bigger option than love could not be invented yet.  Everyone has to wake up in time. This is the ideological formula and basic basis for the protection and peace of the entire human race.

-Blogger Akanksha SAXENA 

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